Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Rippa Rugby Wednesday

Talofa lava everyone and welcome back to my blog for today I am going to be talking to you about my rippa rugby trainings on Wednesday. 

So every Wednesday after school I go to rippa rugby training and the team that I play for is marist and also one of my best friend's is in the same team as me and here name is Hiria and she is very funny.
So on Wednesdays at training the first thing we do is do a warm up game which was to make a skirt by ripping the tags off the other kids and stick it on you and in the other warm up game you had to take your tag off and stick it on someone else and the aim of the two games was to get the most tags and to get the least amount of tags.

After we played the two warm up game we had another game I think you already know this game but anyway it is called ballrush and if you don't know how to play this game here it is...
there are two taggers in the middle and what they do is they call anything like for example run if you have red shoes then the people with re shoes would run and if you get tagged you are also the tagger but what we did was that the tagger's in the middle had to take the tags off the people running and then the people with a ripped tag had to join the taggers.

Then after we played the ball rush game we started playing the actual rippa rugby game which was very fun and if you don't know how to play rippa rugby then I will tell you right away.
So how you play this game is you have to get into two teams which will have different colour tags and the first thing you do will the ball is you have to kick the ball then the other team will catch the ball then run and if you get one tag ripped you have to give it to another person in the team but if one of your team members dropped the ball in front of them then it is called a knock-on and when that happens you have to hand the ball over to the other team. 

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