Tuesday, 23 October 2018


WALT: use speech in our writing.
On Saturday the 6th of october I felt excited because my family,myself,my little siblings and their Rugby league team went to an amazing place could Rainbows end and I also felt worried that I couldn’t go on any rides

Firstly, My parents paid for the family so we could go on the rides! we had to choose what ride to go on. In fact we went on the huge blue Invader and I felt really excited to go on the Invader. When it was our turn to go on the Invader I heard a lot of people were screaming like “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH” and the ride was AMAZING! ! !

Then the second ride we went on was the less extreme stratosfear now this ride was different to the extreme stratosfear. In fact the less extreme one is the one that just goes side to side. The extreme on is the one that goes around and upside down, "I hope I don't throw up". In addition the less extreme 
stratosfear was awesome. . .

Finally the last rides I went on was the log flume and the family karts both of the rides were brilliant and the log flume was took very long to finish.

In conclusion we went home and we all were tired from going on the rides it was a long day.