Sunday, 21 April 2019



Talofa lava and welcome back to my blog! You all know that it is still the holidays and what I am going to blog about is the EASTER SHOW we went to which was held at ASB showgrounds in Greenlane, Auckland on Thursday the 18th of April. In this easter show there are Rides, Prize games, Food trucks, Show's and many more. When you enter it is totally for free BUT the parking was like $10$ dollars and before 7pm the rides were cheap BUT after 7pm the rides start to get expensive and the parking is for free because the people need to save their money. My Favourite thing about the easter show was the rides and my favourite ride was the SCREAM MACHINE!!!

Here is a presentation of what the rides were and many more I hope you enjoy.  

Here are some photos from the easter show.
( Ferris wheel)
( Hurricane)
( Sizzler)
( Me and Mariah on the sizzler)
(Me and Hevani getting ready to go on the bumper cars)


  1. Hello Hope,
    It seemed like you had a fun time and I should know because I was there too. It was REALLY REALLY FUN wasn't it? I just wanted to say I really liked how you added every little detail to make your reflection more interesting and how you added photos too, one thing I think you should work on is re-reading and checking your presention to see if everything makes sense and that every single word is spelled correctly, other than that I think your work is awesome!

    Keep it up!

    1. Hi Hevani
      Thank you for your comment and next time I will double check my work and I will check if every single word is spelt correctly anyways I loved your comment thank you.