Thursday, 22 September 2016

beautiful day

once there were three people and there names were Jack,John and Frank and they made high-ropes in the treetops so Jack tried it out but something made a crank noise.

That noise was the rang it was cracking then he was falling but a bouncy thing was there and John said "are you ok" so they went down and helped him by.

 Pulling him up nicely and they took him to the doctors then they went home in bed because he wasn't feeling so well then he went to sleep and he was dreaming some nice and good things in his head.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

a wedding day

 Once there was a lady who was getting married
so she put on ha dress  as soft as a marshmallow then she  put on her shoes but her husband rushed her so they could getting married  . So she was finished then she asked if she could go toilet so she  ran as fast as she could but she went to the forest because she didn't want to get married so the people was worried. Then her feet were sore so she took of her shoes then mude went in her face then she screamed  "AHHHH" out loud then her husband heard her scream so he ran into the forest then saw her and said "are you alright" "now I am" then they kissed and went on there honeymoon and they had a great time.

a scary spooky forest

 once there was a man in the forest and his name was jack and he was there by himself and on the other side of the forest there was another man called bob and he was in the forest by himself too. Then some wolves came to eat jack up so bob heard something so he ran to the other side of the forest but it was getting darker and darker then he saw a big blue light as big as a big tree and the light was called haze so he went and he heard someone shout out "HELP" "HELP" "I'M GETTING CHASED BY SOME WOLVES" so he ran as fast as he could.So he called out "HELP" "HELP and someone in a car and his name was john but the wolves were sceard when john went there and they ran away then the three boys went home asleep. 

Monday, 19 September 2016

learning my basic facts

I got 22 right of addition and I got 20 right of subtraction. Today we are practicing learning our basic facts. we are using the game speed skills to do this.This game is about knowing your basic facts and beating your own score from before.It is not about beating other people.It is about beating yoursalf. Learning my basic facts and timetables will help me move up levels in maths.

nice day

once there was two people and a dog. The two people was a girl and a boy the girl's name is ana and the boy's name is john "WOW it's a beautiful day to run outside" said ana and john said lets go run in the woods. Then they were at the woods and 

Friday, 16 September 2016


It was a glorious day but it was getting dark and there was this woman who was walking on a frost with ice skating shoes,long skivvy,T-shirt under and a warm fluffy jumper   then she slipped in the cold water.Well she was in the cold water she was yelling out "HELP ME" "HELP ME" I'm stuck here then the farmer saw someone then he went to help her but it was a trick she pulled him in with her then she got out and went away then another farmer saw that farmer in the cold freezing water then went to help him so he got out but he was cold.

a gorges summer

It was a glory day and ad on that day i went to the middle and saw some beautiful clouds that were like
fluffy sheeps. At the middle i also saw some beautiful flowers that were inside the bushes and i saw some beautiful daisies opening on the beautiful soft grass.Then when I heard birds singing and tweeting  I was running around then I saw a beautiful creek and it was so long and small and it was beautiful and cool.


"Kids go walk to school now" "OK we yelled from the lounge so first they packed their stuff.Then they went to school next dad said it's a beautiful sunny day to go work. Later as the girls were on there way to school they got lost and didn't know where to go.After that dad was finished work then he went to get the girls at school but they weren't there so he started to walk home then  he saw his kids.Finally they got home and were eating with their mum and then they were playing outside

Friday, 9 September 2016

Tongan celebrations

Today it is tongan language week and today 
the tongan groups were getting changed into the  
clothes for the tongan dance.When the tongan groups finished getting changed it was there turn to dance in front of the whole school and in front of another school. Then when we were finished we 
went into room 4 to change back into our tongan clothes then it was morning tea time and we went to play outside and we had so much fun.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

swimming day three

On wednesday some room sixs class went to the swimming pools and at the swimming pools we had to wait
 for room three and room eight to get out of the pools and when they got out of the pools we went into the 
pools and we started to go into the pools and started to float on our backs and doing some gliding then we
done it again we done a streamline then floated on our backs for a few seconds then done the streamline 
again then we were nearly done so we played a game when we have to go into a big circle and the teacher will say witch number is going first then they have to chose witch animal then they sing a song then they have to swim  away and under there arms then run to touch the wall then run and hi-five the swimming teachers hand then we have to get out and change then go back to school and do our work.

a cat

Once there was a beautiful young girl and her name was hope leuta and she had a cat called ana. Those two were at home sleeping because it was night time. In the morning I woke up and left ana sleeping because she was so sleepy. When I woke up I went down stairs and went into the bathroom and started to brushed my teeth then I went to the toilet then I went up stairs and changed into some nice beautiful clothes then I put some shoes on then I woke up my cat and said we are going to the park then she jumped up and was happy like i happy child.When she woke up we went to the park and  at the park we saw my parents then we went to them. When we went to them they told us that there is a new long slide that is long like a long giraffes neck .So we quickly ran there but we had to go up the long ladder and when we went up the ladder we quickly went down the slide after we played on the park we went to the shopes and had a cold frezzing ice-cream then we went home and ate.

swimming day two

Today at the pools i was learning how to do a 
streamline and how to float on my back again and 
how to float on  our stomachs and at the end we played a game then when the game finished we had to run all the way to the other side then when we touched the other side we had to hi-five the swimming teachers then we had to go out because the other kids had to have a turn.  

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

in the forest

on a nice sunny beautiful day I went to the forest and at the forest i saw lots of trees that are tall as tall giraffes .Then on another beautiful day I went back to the forest and at the forest i went to the river and inside the river was some elas that are long as long as a snake. On the next day it was raining and I couldn't go outside but I got my umbrella and went to the forest and at the forest there were no elas in the river and the leaves started to fall off the trees then I went back home sad and I started to sleep.finally the next day i got to the forest and i heard birds tweeting.

swimming day one

 On monday me and my class went to the panmure lagoon pools and at the pools got  splitted into three groups so one group went to the big pools and another went to the other pool. In the pools my group first went into the water then we had to put our head in the water then we started to play around then we had to learn how to float on our backs.