Thursday, 18 April 2019



Today I am going to be talking about what happened in my holiday so far.
So on the 17th of April wednesday my parents had planned something FUN for the family to do together out of the house. What did my parents plan for us? 😕 so if you want to know what the FUN thing my parents planned for us was to go to this place called VOOM VIRTUAL  REALITY and what you do at this place is there is a big space and three can only be four players playing and the rules are that you can't go through the walls (well you actually can) but you HAVE to go around because if you go through the walls you will find yourself in pitch black witch is not a good thing when that happens you have to put your hand up and the workers will come and help you but anyways the four people playing out of my family was the children and their names are Hevani, Hope, Michael and Mariah and yes we are siblings the teams were Me and Mariah vs Hevani and Michael it was REALLY REALLY FUN but not long enough. What sucks about it is that you can't run and the space isn't that big but I should be happy that we got to have fun.



Saturday, 13 April 2019



Welcome back to my blog and today I am going to be sharing with you some facts about EASTER.
Did you know that easter is a celebration of the resurrection of JESUS in the christian religious.
Did you also know that 70% of easter candy purchased is chocolate and did you also know that eggs has been seen since ancient symbols fertility, while springtime considered to bring new life and rebirth.
Did you know that there is 76% of americans think the ears of chocolate bunny should be the first to be eaten.


Friday, 12 April 2019

Hope & Hiria Christchurch - New Zealand Geography

Today I am going to be talking to you about what me and Hiria completed. What I am blogging about today is something me and Hiria finished during last week which was week 10 term 1 and this is all about CHRISTCHURCH.




What would happen if I had scissors that could tear up the whole entire world? If I had scissors that were big enough to cut through the grass, buildings, cars, and anything else that is around the world that I would want to change. If I wanted to change the world and make it look better than it is I would use the scissors to cut the grass that grow a lot, make some buildings a little bit smaller because if a natural disaster happens like a tsunami the buildings can COLLAPSE and fall onto the people that are screaming and running away from that situation. So I would just cut the buildings into half and if I wanted to cut of the trees that are way too tall I would because sometimes when it’s so windy and there is no sun but clouds sometimes the trees that are very tall can brake and fall onto the cars and the people in those cars can die. If I had huge scissors that could change anything in this world I could cut down the trees but not towards the cars, I could cut down some parts of the buildings to make it smaller but when no one is in there, I could cut down the grass that keep on growing but if the grass grows so fast I can just cut through the road and make it look like dirt.

Animal Town

Animal Town Hi today I am going to talk to you about my experience at animal town: If I went to animal town I would feel excited because I love animals but the only thing I hate about animals is that in animal town the animals can go anywhere they want. Wherever they go they can POOP everywhere which is really disgusting and nobody wants to walk on animal poop that’s just gross. If i got to have one wish it would obviously to go to animal town because there might be animals that I have never seen before. At animal town the animals I would want to see and play with the most are cute little puppies because they are so cute and I have been asking my parents for a puppy but always they ask me questions like are you going to pick up its poop? Are you going to buy it a collar? Then they say no because they are too much (I don’t even know what that means) and they think I can’t look after animals. Anyways if I on my way to animal town I would think that it is a wonderful place with animals that don’t go all over the place but it’s actually a place where the animals can go anywhere and do whatever they want to do. Alyssa Maybe next time you can think before you write Arizona Maybe next time you can talk more about the actual place you went. My goals for writing: Is to be

Term 1 Reflection

Today I am going to be talking to you about how the FIRST term with the Kia Manawanui Syndicate has been. So it is sad because this the last day of school NOT the actual last day of school the last day of term ONE. So in week 4 the Kia Manawanui Syndicate had a sleepover at the school SO let me tell you when it all began...
So in the morning the Kia Manawanui Syndicate went to TECHNOLOGY and at technology there were three classes and they were called HARD MATERIALS, GRAPHICS and COOKING so the class that I was in was HARD MATERIALS and in that class we are working with WOOD and it is very hard and kind of easy to work with. Then after technology we went to the YMCA LAGOON POOLS because that week was TEAM BUILDING WEEK and Ms Aireen planned for us to go to the pools to build up relationships and we did because we had LOTS of FUN together and what we did first at the pools was get changed then have our morning tea for 20 minutes then we started having our ACTIVITES in the pool then we had some FREE TIME  then had lunch after we had more activities later we had free time again then  we had to get changed and go back to school. So what we did at school was we went to the hall and just waited for the bell to ring "BRRRRINGGGGGGGG". After the bell rang everyone that went home to get their things went then came back and the people that already had their stuff stayed at school and helped set up. Once it hit 6:00 I think that is when we had our dinner and it was a special day because it was one of our students Dad's birthday and the student was Raymond and it was his dad's birthday. After that day Miss Komor came to visit our school YAY!!!!!!!!! and it was very exciting having her come and visit us and what we did with her was we were exercising with Miss Komor and it was really fun with her and other fun days were like TECHNOLOGY THURSDAY, SPORT TOURNAMENTS and P.E .

Thursday, 11 April 2019

⚒Technology - Wood⚒

Technology - Wood

Today in technology I was up to the part were I had to stick the two pieces of wood together with the joint and it came out to be an amazing piece of art and all I needed to do was punch in the holes and then I was done. So the first thing I did once I started was grab my piece of wood and showed it to Mr Grundy and he checked if it was square and it was so I cut it with the saw and it was VERY VERY hard but I managed to finish cutting the wood the same as the other wood that was connected to the joint and once I finished I showed it to Mr Grundy for him to check if it was alright and he said that it was a alright. Then the next thing I did was use the chisel and the thing to hit the chisel through the wood to make the joint and it was very and i mean very hard to make that joint but I actually finished making that joint then after that I showed it to Mr Grundy and he said that it was a little bit lose BUT the thing is that it was nearly time to pack up so what he did was glue the joint to the pieces of wood then he used the rubber bands to make it tighter so it doesn't fall it apart then the last thing he did was nail a flat piece of wood to my piece of wood and I just needed to punch the holes into the piece of wood then I would be finished (I think).