Sunday, 16 September 2018

Magic Snow

Wonderful,magic snow! In the morning of Wednesday 29th of August the students in Room 8 did a science experiment.

Firstly, Mrs Bracey was explaining to the students about the history of magic snow. In fact the product was polymer this is a science ingredient that we used for the experiment. Did you know that the part of science we used polymer for was the chemistry part, while Mrs Bracey explained it the students were listening so we could follow the instructions. Something you need to know is that the place Mrs Bracey got the magic snow packet from was New world.

Secondly, the things Mrs Bracey gave us was the magic snow packet,scissors and a transparent plastic cup. In fact the next thing we did was we poured the magic snow into the plastic cup then we poured one half of water into the cup. I was super excited.

Finally, when we poured the half cup of water into the plastic cup the magic snow rose up like a cake. In addition I was shocked because I thought it was going to fall and make a mess and it did. A little while after we poured the water in the cup stirred it then it started to feel dry and squishy after that we had fun and we made a lot of mess in the classroom it was the best experiment EVER.

Sunday, 26 August 2018


Firstly,where are volcanoes found? Volcanoes are mostly found on islands like New Zealand. In fact some volcanoes are often found in Japan (Mount Fuji),Italy 
(Mount Vesuvius),Hawaii (Mount Kilauea) and New Zealand (Rangitoto Island),(Mount Ruapehu) and (Mount Doom) Ngauruhoe. In fact the biggest volcano is on mars and the volcano is called olympus mons and there are also mountains underneath the sea.

Secondly,What is a volcanoes? A volcano is a cone,shield and cinder shaped mountain. Something you need to know is that when the volcano spews out lava it turns into different kind of rocks like obsidian,scoria,lightweight pumice and basalt. In fact a volcano is like a coke bottle shaking then when you open it the coke bottle explodes.

Thirdly,When do volcanoes erupt? Volcanoes only erupt when there is too much pressure on it. In fact a volcano can also erupt when the tectonic plates shift,collide or crash. Did you know that when the tectonic plates move away it can cause an earthquake.

Finally, How are we affected by volcanoes? Did you know that  when a volcano happens animales can die,humans might die,humans can get seriously burned. In fact houses can get destroyed and when the ocean gets warm it kills the fishes. Something you need to know is that when there is too much pressure on the sea it can cause a flood. Furthermore several people get injured and the ash inhaled is very unhealthy for humans and the fresh water turns into disgusting water and when the biggest rock hits the ocean it can cause a tsunami.

In conclusion, volcanoes are mountains. In fact volcanoes are all around the world volcanoes can be found mostly on islands.

Thursday, 16 August 2018


The meaning of matariki is the seven sisters.

The names of the seven sisters are Waiti,Waita,Tupu-a-rangi,Tupu-a-nuku,Waipuna Rangi,Ururangi and matariki.

In traditional times the maori acknowledged the arrival of the beginning

Maori use Matariki as a signal for when to plant their crops after the long winter.

The Arrival of the beginning.

Me,Myself and I


I am a child that loves to explore things and I would love to go to
Rangitoto Island. I also have anger issues and
when I get angry people might think that
i’m an exploding volcano.

5 w’s
What - Exploding volcano
Where - Rangitoto Island
Who - Me,Myself and I
When - A few days ago
Why ?

Hi Hope, I really like how you put the
3 key elements in bold.

WALT: practise posting positive comments using google share.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Monday, 6 August 2018

Thought cloud

In Room 8 we created a thought cloud on google drawing and thought of something to write about.
                                                        WALT:create my text.
                                                       Increase the size of font.
                                           Give depth to the thought cloud culture.
                                      Replace the colour of the fill to clear not blue.


Santa Claus who is a very big jolly type of old man who went
on an underground train station last week.
During a thunderstorm his shiny gold sleigh broke down.
Santa Claus stumbled across a portal to another world.
WALT:An introduction to a
narrative that has a character,
orientation and problem.