Wednesday, 27 March 2019

😭Farewell Fa'aFiu😭

On Monday the 25th of march one of my friends named Fa'aFiu left to Australia. On that day everyone came together as a whole class because Ms Aireen wanted to tell us that Fa'aFiu was leaving but in my head I thought that she was leaving on Tuesday the 26th of march. When we all were together Ms Aireen told us that Fa'aFiu family brought some snacks for us to have but before she told us that Ms Aireen took a couple of photos of the class  and sent it to Fa'aFiu for remembrance of us. After Ms Aireen said something about Fa'aFiu we all said our last GOODBYES which was emotional because some of the girls were crying including Fa'aFiu and another sad thing is that one of Fa'aFiu best friends wasn't there to say goodbye. After we all said our goodbyes Fa'aFiu went with Carra,Stanley,Lydia,Hevani and her family to their car then she left.

I am going to miss you very much Fa'aFiu and I wish you the best. I hope you have fun at your new school and MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. BE STRONG FA'AFIU!!!!

Cybersmart - Quality Blog Comments

Cybersmart - Quality Blog Comments

Today I am going to talk to you about what Room 9 did for Cybersmart. Today for cybersmart Ms collins came into Room 9 and she started talking about positive comments and she was telling us that comments should include being positive,being thoughtful and being helpful. Then she gave us time to comment on our buddy classes blog. After that the whole class was participating in the groups discussion when we were doing a class blog. So now I will show you my two comments and you will know which school I commented on.

So these are my two comments that I wrote on a doc before Mr J gave me the ok to blog my comments.



Today I am going to be talking to you about Hokey Pokey and Kiwi Fruit.
So today the Kia Manawanui Syndicate except for the Student Leaders was doing Inquiry which was based on different types of text that we had to read then answer the questions on a piece of paper. For Inquiry We had to get into groups of two and one person out of that two that were together had there netbook and the other had the paper and a pencil but they would take turns so one doesn't just do all the work and the other one just tell the other partner what to write.
 Anyways this is what one of the papers looked like along with the text...

What is your favourite Ice - Cream?


Today I am going to be talking to you about another maths strategy in class called Rounding and Compensating.

So here is what Rounding and Compensating looks like...

36 x 89
= (30x80) + (6x9)
= 24 + 54
= 78

So this is what Rounding and Compensating looks like and I think it would better using this strategy for two digit numbers.

Tuesday, 26 March 2019


IALA: The Dessert called Pavlova

Today I am going to talk to you about 5 facts about pavlova.
Today the Kia Manawanui Syndicate was doing Inquiry which was based on different types of text and reading (a little bit). For Inquiry we were learning about what pavlova is so first Ms Aireen shared us me work on the bottom but without the writing and what we had to do was open up the text, read it then answer the questions which was to list five facts about the dessert Pavlova.
(If you can't see the words properly then you can zoom in)

        Image result for pavlova
Did you know that they got the name Pavlova from an Russian ballerina called Anna Pavlova?
What is your favourite dessert?


Today i am going to talk to you about a method that I learnt in class.
This method is called the lattice method.
If you don't know what a lattice method is let me show you
Related image
So how this works is that you have to draw a perfect square then draw a diagonal line like how it is in the photo. Then the next thing you do is you write one of the two digit number on the top of the square but the numbers can't be close to each other then you do the same but put the number o the right side of the square. Just about two more steps or three anyways the next step is to times the top left number with the bottom right number which is 1x2 which equals 2 so if you get a one digit number as your answer you have to write a 0 on the other side of the line then you times 1 by 8 then you times 6 by 8 next you times 6 by 2  finally the last thing to do is to add line by line and if you don't know what I mean by line by line it means that the 2 equals to 2 and the next number you get by adding the 8,1 and 2 which equals to 11 But you can't write two numbers so you write the number 1 and carry the other one then you add the 8 and 4 which equals to 13 because you add the one that you carried from the 11 But remember you can't write down two numbers so you write the number 3 down and the last number is one because you add the one from when you carried it from the 13 and add it on to the 0 and your answer for 16x82 is... 1312

Monday, 25 March 2019


Today I am going to be talking to you about what The Kia Manawanui Syndicate did for Inquiry.
Today for inquiry the Kia Manawanui Syndicate was discussing about what the word GEOGRAPHY means the first thing we did was talk amongst each other about the word GEOGRAPHY. Then we had to share our ideas with the class and the words I wrote was from Auckland because what he did was look up on google (that's not a bad thing) and found what the word GEOGRAPHY meant.
What do YOU think GEOGRAPHY means?
(Please don't answer if you searched it up on google)
(just say what YOU think the word GEOGRAPHY means)

Friday, 22 March 2019

🙏🙏 Christchurch🙏🙏

👋Kia Ora, Malo lelei, Talofa lava and greetings to you all. So what I am going to talk about to you today is that at 1:25 the whole Tamaki Primary School gathered together near the dots. What we did at the dots was most of the school was wearing colorful to represent and respect those who have lost a family member or whoever lost a good friend on 15th of march last week. The reason why we did this is to remember those who were in that attack that happened in christchurch and to think about those who are still in hospital and those who are still injured. I wish the best for CHRISTCHURCH and want everybody to be safe and to keep your family safe.


Thursday, 21 March 2019


Talofa lava,Malo lelie,Kia ora and greetings to you and welcome back to my blog. I am thinking that you all know that we have three per term so first we had ⚾SOFTBALL⚾ which was probably three weeks ago (I can't remember) well anyways this week we had cricket on the 20th of march. The reason why I joined cricket this year is because it was separate which means that there was a GIRLS only team and a BOYS only team  once I first heard that the boys and girls weren't playing together I decided to join because sometimes when we are with the boys the girls don't feel like communicating with the boys BUT when it's just us girls we feel like we can communicate with the other people around us. So I think that being separate from the boys was a good idea for cricket and nearly ALL of the year 7 & 8 girls joined BUT I think that 12 girls joined and it was still great getting to play with just girls.

Another thought of being separated was that whenever we are mixed together the other girls in the other schools would hardly talk BUT whenever it's just us girls the other girls they communicate and support each other. I know that the year 7 & 8 girls did well because we won 3 games out of 5 all thanks to our coach (Mr Reddy) if he didn't teach us the different ways of pitching and batting then we probably would only win like 1 game out of 5 but with him being our coach we had so much FUN!!!!!

Image result for colin maiden park

Tuesday, 19 March 2019


👋WALA: what the word encourage means
hmmmmm What does the word ENCOURAGE mean?
Encourage means to cheer on that person who might be too shy to be involved in an event like tournament which includes touch,rugby,netball they might be too scared to play those kind of games.
For example: If you have a friend that doesn't join any sports and to them it looks fun but it's just that they don't want to join because they are afraid they might get mocked. You should go up to them and ask them if they would like to join the sports your in and tell them why it is good for them to join. that is called showing whanaungatanga which is making good relationships with others around you.
Image result for encouraging pictures


Today I am blogging about my messages of support to the people that have lost a friend or a family member and to those who are still in hospital I hope you get better and be safe.

These messages go out to those people that are feeling really sad about what happened on friday the 15 of march.

Friday, 15 March 2019

📗📘 Reading Kuri 📘📗

📗📘Reading Kuri📘📗
IALT: identify key ideas in the text

This week I have been reading a text called Kuri. A key idea in this text is Extinction. An example of Extinction is when people discovered dog  bones and the scientist discovered that it was that the ancestors of kuri probably came from east asia and travelled from island to island with their owners.

Another key idea in this text is clothing. An example of clothing is whenever people find or keep dogs they usually scrap the dogs skin off the dogs and use it as a warm blanket because they didn't have anything else to keep them self warm so that is why they use the animals skin.

What lesson can be learnt from a characters actions?
The lesson that can be learnt from a characters actions is that you should always stay with your pet and take them wherever you go because that is what the kuri's ancestors did.

SJ L2 cover image Oct 2015

Thursday, 14 March 2019


Talofa lava here I am blogging about our class treaty that the class created. In the treaty was four categories here they are...

  • Working in groups
  • Entering/Leaving Classroom
  • Online
  • In/Out class activities
Have a look at our class treaty


Kia orana and greetings to you all in technology there are three groups that we are put into the three groups are COOKING, GRAPHICS and HARD MATERIALS and the group that I was put into was hard materials. In hard materials we work with wood and our teacher is Mr Grundy in the first day of technology we had to come up with eight ideas and pick one of them to build. My idea was to build a pencil rack.
Image result for pencil rack
but it is not gonna look like this.


Image result for HistoryImage result for History
Malo Lelei and greetings to you all Today I have been thinking about what the word HISTORY means and I think it means like history from the past like things that happened in the past. Some things that happened in the past was that the treaty of waitangi was signed and they had wars going on in the past so that is what I think HISTORY means.


Hi here I have my Solo Current events. for my solo event I picked a story which is based on TONGAN people. I wrote a summary about what happened in the story but in my own words and learning more about what TONGAN people do is kind of interesting.

✍✍Creative writing✍✍

This is gonna be a story about a family of five this is happening in the school holidays during summer time.

During the Holidays it was very hot and it felt like it took forever for the holidays to finish. So during the school holidays there were two parents that had three kids one was a boy named Jake and the other two were girls named Annabelle and Isabelle. The only thing the children could do was play outside BUT the one thing is that they were having so much fun playing outside with each other they kept getting bored because they always play with each other outside and inside.

Once their parents saw that they weren’t playing outside with each other they were just sitting outside in the HOT!!! Weather. So what the parents decided to was to ask the children “ Do you three want to go swimming at the pools”  and they shouted “YES”. First they got ready to go swimming BUT the two girls took forever to get ready because they couldn’t decide which togs they should wear so there parents gave them five more minutes to decide what to wear or their not going. When the two girls heard that they only have five minutes left they were rushing so they just picked whatever and ran outside into the car.

The time they arrived at the Lagoon pools they got out of the car and ran inside got changed then went inside the pools thinking that their parents were gonna jump in.
The first thing they noticed was that there parents just sat on the bench watching them play together. So they said to their parents “Aren’t you coming in the pool with us” and their parents said “ We’ll come in later”. Than the kids just started playing with each other the first game they played was tag but instead of them tagging each other they were SLAPPING each other for them it was boring BUT they didn’t know that their parents were gone into the changing rooms to get changed into their togs. Once the children looked behind them their parents were gone and they thought that they left them but they came back before Annabelle got out of the pool to look for them. When they came back from the changing room the kids were surprised that there were gonna swim with them.

A little while after they were having fun the parents said “Lets go now we have been in here for a very long time” so the kids went out of the pools and got changed then went home. When they arrived home they thought that it was the last day of the holidays but it was only the third day of the holidays. The day after their parents didn’t tell them that it was the third day of the holidays because they wanted to take a photo of them but the only child who knew it wasn’t the last day was Jake but he didn’t want to tell them cause he wanted to make fun of them but they just stayed in bed like they usually do. So the whole holidays they just went to the pools then went back home.

This whole story was about what a family of five did during the LONG HOT SUMMER.

⚽⚽KIA - O - RAHI⚽⚽

Talofa lava and greetings to you all today I am blogging about the KIWI SPORTS we do on Monday it might take me awhile to tell you what KIA - O - RAHI is so let me tell you straight away. So on Mondays the Kia Manawanui Syndicate has two groups that take turns of going to KIWI SPORTS. Group one is mostly the first group to go to kiwi sports the game KIA - O - RAHI is based on a maori legend. This game has different cool parts there is an island, ice bridge, river, forest and the rock that is all the parts I remember. This game can be played with other kids vs other kids and there is also a tournament coming up.


IALT: find the meaning of the word Century.

Malo Lelei and greetings to you all. If you know what our class does everyday then that is fine but if you don't know then i'll tell you right now. Everyday there is a word on the whiteboard and we have to find the meaning of that word and make a thought cloud surrounded with other meanings of that word.
Today's word was CENTURY what I think century means is that it is like a hundred years ago hen people used to walk to work.
Image result for 20th century fox

😕😕Inquiry - Exploring Aotearoa😕😕

For Week SEVEN the Kia Manawanui Syndicate has been learning about New Zealand history. On Tuesday we got put into groups of 3 or 4 and in our groups Ms Aireen told us what stations we had to go to and there were only 9 stations and my group had to go to station 5 first but on Wednesday when I was in the other group and we were at station 3. Every station had a legend or history about New Zealand. here is the list of the 9 Stations.
  •          Station 1 - The Arrival of Maori and Legend of Kupe
  •          Station 2 - The Voyage of the Arawa
  •          Station 3 - Maori life before the Europeans
  •          Station 4 - The legends of Hinemoa
  •          Station 5 - Captain James cook
  •          Station 6 - The first Europeans
  •          Station 7 - Hongi Hika
  •          Station 8 - ?
  •          Station 9 - ?
At each station we only had about 15 minutes to read the text, Discuss with the group and to answer the questions. here is a presentation the people with their netbooks were shared this presentation and had to copy slide three onto another presentation.  On wednesday one person from my group wasn't here and the other person was at kapa haka so I joined another group while they were gone.
Here is my groups presentation. (We didn't have any time to complete the slides)

(Start reading from slide Three)

😁😁My Role Model😀😀

A role model who inspires me is Ms Aireen. She is a loving person and is also respectful and plans everything before she does it.

Ms Aireen is a is a loving person that teaches children at Tamaki Primary school. She has been committed to this school for ten years. She shows love in the classroom as we are learning by caring about what we learn, and she helps us with our work if we get stuck on something. An example of Ms Aireen being a loving teacher is that she comes to school to teach us for six hours and even when someone is making the teaching hard for her she still is able to do something about them and move on with her teaching. By being committed to her teaching days she has continued to be a great teacher today.

Ms Aireen is also a respectful person.  She shows respect by listening to what we have to say and she doesn’t interrupt us when we are sharing our ideas. An example of Ms Aireen being respectful is that whenever a student disrespects her and gets on her nerves she can still help the other students and ignore that one student that is annoying her. By Ms Aireen being respectful to others she has showed me how to respect my parents, Friends and others.

Ms Aireen also plans everything we do during class time. The plans she made for us in this term was that she planned for us to go to the pools just the year seven and eights after technology for our team building activities. Another example of Ms Aireen planning things for us is that she planned for us to have a sleepover at our school on the same day we went to the lagoon pools. By Ms Aireen always planning things for us it has taught me that I should always plan before doing something.

If you want to become another person's role model you have to learn how to respect others, how to be a loving person and always make them smile. If you do these things others might make you their role model because Ms Aireen is respectful, she is a loving person and she makes me smile everyday that is why she is my role model.

💻 My Growth Mindset Quote💻

IALT: Create a Growth Mindset Quote

👋Kia ora, Talofa lava, Malo elelie, Kia Orana and greetings to you all. Today I am going to show you my GROWTH MINDSET QUOTE that I thought of. This quote is a good quote for me because sometimes I think that the learning we are given are impossible to do but when I read this I will think that nothing is impossible. So here is my Quote


Monday, 11 March 2019

Discovering our country Aotearoa - New Zealand

Today The Kia Manawanui Syndicate has been working on our inquiry which was Discovering our country Aotearoa - New Zealand. What we had to do was create a DLO (digital learning object) that can look like this...

What I did was I went on a google drawings and created a table that has the questions what I know and What I want to know. So on this google drawing I have listed a couple of things I already know and also what I want to know.


Wednesday, 6 March 2019


This is called our learning pathway the Kia Manawanui Syndicate has been working on for like about two weeks. The first thing we got told was that we had to grab a 3A paper from Kelly and grab a vivid and a pencil from Ms Aireen that was for the people who were going to the other class. When we walked into Rm 9 everyone started drawing their hands it was so FUN working with other students.

What we had to do with our hands was we had to name our fingers then draw signs or symbols to represent the goal we chose.