Thursday, 14 April 2016

my cultuer

hi my name is hope and i am tongan and tongan people like to dance and we like to eat lu. we wear davalos and we like to wear lavalavas and we speak in a tongan language. we eat pig and we like to sing tongan songs and we like to eat  faikakai. we are responsible for themselves and  we are strict and 

walt find multiple parts of a whole


we were learning to do parts of a whole and i learnt that 
how to do 1/4 and i learnt how to solve the  problem and
to understand what it means and how to use  different 
strategies on different pages. 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

walt: ues open and close question

i took a video and  i  talked about  the open and closed questions and i am learning to use open and close question and i wrote what does meditation means and if julia donaldson is a lady or a man and she is a lady and that rangimarie means peace and ako represents learning and teaching.