Thursday, 24 March 2016

when I was scared

I was scared when it was my first time at school and I was scared when I was playing rugby with my family and i was scared because i might get bumped off and fall down and get hurt.

All about me

Hi my name is hope.l and i am in room 6 and my teachers name are miss ashley and mrs sharma 
and my favourite sport is netball and my favourite food is chocolate and my favourite subject is maths,reading and writing and I go to tamaki primary school.

whanau conference

  1. My maths goals for term one are...

  • to learn to share things equally
  • share my mathematical thinking with others. 

       I can achieve my goals by...

  • learning my doubles and halves of a number.
  • sharing how i solved my problem.

you can support me by...

  • visiting my class blog and encouraging me to share how i solved my problem
  • encouraging me to practice halving and doubling numbers.
  • we had whanau conference  so we can show it to our parents.