Thursday, 4 April 2019


Today I am going to be talking to you about what happens in technology. 
So at technology there are three classes which is Hard materials, Cooking class and Graphics. The class that I am in is Hard materials this year in hard materials we are working with wood and our teacher is Mr Grundy. in the first week of technology Mr Gundy said to us "you have to have eight ideas drawn on your piece of paper. We kept on working of the drawings for about three weeks some of us. Then after you have eight pieces of drawings you have to pick one of them and draw it bigger on the back of the paper. For technology I have chosen to make a pencil rack because at home we have lots of pencils well I wouldn't say lots of pencils. It took me like about an hour to write down my story and in the story I had to answer the questions that had to be used in the story and the questions were What did you choose?, Why did you choose it?, What is it for?, Who is it for and How are you going to use it? In week five or four I started working with the wood the first thing I did with the wood was that I measured how long 140 with a ruler then I used the saw to cut the wood but I didn't cut on the line I had to cut right next to the line and it was very HARD. After I cut the wood I had to make a joint with the piece of wood that I cut from the big wood then I had to get another piece of wood from Mr Grundy then I had to do the same to that wood as I did to the other wood and this week I was finishing off the second by cutting it and making a joint and next week I think I will be finished with my piece of work that I have been wanting to finish in a long time.

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