Thursday, 11 April 2019

⚒Technology - Wood⚒

Technology - Wood

Today in technology I was up to the part were I had to stick the two pieces of wood together with the joint and it came out to be an amazing piece of art and all I needed to do was punch in the holes and then I was done. So the first thing I did once I started was grab my piece of wood and showed it to Mr Grundy and he checked if it was square and it was so I cut it with the saw and it was VERY VERY hard but I managed to finish cutting the wood the same as the other wood that was connected to the joint and once I finished I showed it to Mr Grundy for him to check if it was alright and he said that it was a alright. Then the next thing I did was use the chisel and the thing to hit the chisel through the wood to make the joint and it was very and i mean very hard to make that joint but I actually finished making that joint then after that I showed it to Mr Grundy and he said that it was a little bit lose BUT the thing is that it was nearly time to pack up so what he did was glue the joint to the pieces of wood then he used the rubber bands to make it tighter so it doesn't fall it apart then the last thing he did was nail a flat piece of wood to my piece of wood and I just needed to punch the holes into the piece of wood then I would be finished (I think).


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