Friday, 12 April 2019



What would happen if I had scissors that could tear up the whole entire world? If I had scissors that were big enough to cut through the grass, buildings, cars, and anything else that is around the world that I would want to change. If I wanted to change the world and make it look better than it is I would use the scissors to cut the grass that grow a lot, make some buildings a little bit smaller because if a natural disaster happens like a tsunami the buildings can COLLAPSE and fall onto the people that are screaming and running away from that situation. So I would just cut the buildings into half and if I wanted to cut of the trees that are way too tall I would because sometimes when it’s so windy and there is no sun but clouds sometimes the trees that are very tall can brake and fall onto the cars and the people in those cars can die. If I had huge scissors that could change anything in this world I could cut down the trees but not towards the cars, I could cut down some parts of the buildings to make it smaller but when no one is in there, I could cut down the grass that keep on growing but if the grass grows so fast I can just cut through the road and make it look like dirt.

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