Thursday, 21 June 2018

Walking Water

Ms Bracey and Room eight did a science experiment called walking water.
We did this on Thursday the 24th of may.

Firstly Ms Bracey set up the experiment, she used cups and she poured water into the cup then put food coloring into it and she also used some strips and there were empty cups in between the food coloring cups.

Secoundly Ms Bracey asked us to predict what was happening. She used the primary colours and they are red,yellow and blue.There were also strips of paper and the strip  transferred from one cup to the other.

Thirdly Ms Bracey got us to observe the experiment so we could get some information and so we could see what happened.

Finally Ms Bracey told us to plan what we were going to write about then when we finished writing about plan she told us to type it on our netbooks.

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