Thursday, 28 June 2018

Reverse Key:

Predict how houses on the moon might look.  Remember, there is no oxygen in space for us to breath!

  1. I would take cover. 
  2. I would grab onto something really hard. 
  3. I would hold heavy things when I walked somewhere. 
  4. I would run to where I needed to go. 
  5. I would stay at church. 
  6. I would hide under my bed. 
  7. I would wear a gravity suit.
  8. I would put on a lot of clothes on to keep me on the floor.
  9. I would tie myself to something heavy.
  10. I would hold on to anything I will see.
  11. I would go and spy on people.
  12. I would grab something so big.
  13. I would stay with my family.
  14. I would wear a mask for oxygen.
  15. The books would float around.
  16. The people would float around.

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