Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Hope First Panmure Bridge.

One sunny Friday Kia Toa, went to see the first Panmure Swing Bridge. We went with Mrs Sharma, Miss Ashley and Miss Jade and some of our parents. The first thing we did was hike to the Panmure Yacht Boating Club where the old Panmure Swing Bridge was made. Then we all gathered together and talked about how the Swing Bridge would open and close for all the boats, ships and punts. After talking about the first Panmure Swing Bridge we went to see where a man that use to paddle back and forth from Panmure to Pakuranga fields. That exact same bridge was starting to become week and rusty so it got demolished.

In America about 2 weeks ago there was a footbridge that collapsed on a 8 lane highway the footbridge was probably made out of concrete and steel for pedestrians. There were skyscrapers and during the collapse there were four people that got seriously injured and there were emergencies and there were over ten survivors but they all went to go get the other four people.

Something that was new for me was that I have never heard about the Panmure Swing Bridge before and that it is new for me.

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